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Pick Me

My second short story has been published, and this time it’s in the Saturday Evening Post! Which really blows my mind because the Post, aside from being the longest running magazine in America, has such an iconic roster of contributors,… Read More »Pick Me

Early bird

It’s about 5:30 in the morning. Still dark outside, and the coffee won’t start brewing on it’s own until 7. I’m up this early because I have a men’s group that meets down the street at 6 on Fridays, where… Read More »Early bird

The Father.

Dads — every time your kid thinks about God, like it or not, on some level they are thinking about you. What image will they be wrapping their life around? Will their God be condescending or angry or absent altogether?… Read More »The Father.

Donuts for Dads

Today is the day. It’s the type of day you begin to dream about after you come home from the hospital. Long after the sleepless nights have ended and diapers are just a memory, the day has finally come when… Read More »Donuts for Dads

The Drain.

So tonight I watched the water drain out of the tub for the first time since I was a kid. I think. At least I don’t remember watching it for a long time, so I’m assuming it probably happened quite… Read More »The Drain.

A Letter to Dads.

So I made a list yesterday of all the dads I know … not my own dad or my friends’ dads, but I guess the dads who are “colleagues” of mine – the ones who are within five or ten… Read More »A Letter to Dads.

This is great.

I absolutely love that Target is using a little boy in their ads who has Down syndrome … and not calling attention to it. It’s not an ad about disability. It’s not an ad asking to join a cause. It’s… Read More »This is great.

Two Days.

Sebo loves counting down the days until something happens. It’s his way of understanding the passing of time. He will ask, “Am I going back to Granny’s house in three days?” He understands the phrases soon and in a little… Read More »Two Days.