3 thoughts on “A Letter to Dads.”

  1. Tom – the question of who *initiates* divorce, the focus of the article you share, doesn’t speak to *why* women initiate more divorces than men. In fact, the article hints at the possibility that women initiate more divorces due to the very thing Aaron is addressing in this post – men/husbands/fathers who “check out” of their families and neglect their responsibilities. So, in a roundabout way, the article seems to suggest that Aaron’s advice is actually aimed in the *right* direction.

    Regardless, though, this is sound advice for anyone – men OR women. Preach on, Aaron!

  2. Great post, Aaron. I think people of our generation tend to get married later (I was 29) precisely because they want to be doing the right thing for the right reason, so that they *can* devote themselves to it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that so many of us were latchkey kids growing up and we all arrived at the same thing: we want to be there for our kids. Also, I know more stay-at-home moms (either partial or full-time) our age than I did when I was a kid. (At least the girls I grew up with who have any sort of profound influence on me in some way.)

    This is encouraging!

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