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Two Days.

Sebo loves counting down the days until something happens. It’s his way of understanding the passing of time. He will ask, “Am I going back to Granny’s house in three days?” He understands the phrases soon and in a little while. He gets it when we say we have to leave at 8:45 so he has to start getting dressed at 8:15. One of his favorite Christmas presents was this little red Chick-Fil-A watch that his friend Ben gave to him. He gets time, and strangely always has, which is good because I don’t really know how you teach somebody about time. It’s too weird. And it’s all relative and changes constantly and then they are bound to ask if time travel is possible, and I just don’t know how to deal with it. In the end I usually just refer people to Back To The Future or Kate & Leopold and let them decide for themselves.

What was I talking about?

Oh right. To sum up, the kid digs time.

Sebo has one of those little potties in his room that we have to empty after he uses it. He also uses the regular bathroom, which he calls My Big Potty, and is right next to his bedroom, but he likes having options. As long as he’s using something other than diapers, I’m cool with it. Yesterday he wanted me to help him turn on some lights so that he could go to the potty. I did, following behind him so I could turn the lights on, and he went into his room to use what he calls My Little Potty. As soon as he entered his room, he turned to me, asked me to wait in the bathroom for him, and as he was closing his bedroom door for privacy he yelled out “for two days.”

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