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School started back today after nearly three weeks of winter vacation. It’s been a bit crazy having the little guy home all this time and trying to still work (seeing as how our home office is three feet from the living room) but overall it’s been fun. Actually it’s been a lot of fun. We spent lots of time in our pajamas playing Wii or coloring in books or stacking Legos. And he is SO fun to be around, I don’t know what kind of phase he’s in right now but his mannerisms are ridiculously cute.

But he is ready to get back to being with his friends. Half the time (at least) that he was off he was sick. And now he’s feeling better and he is so ready to run and jump and laugh and chase all of his friends that he hasn’t seen in weeks. Which is a really sweet thing, seeing him, even at 3 (and a half) years old, develop friendships with other kids. Some are from school, some are from church, some are just from life. At home we know all their names. Lucas. Noah. Zack. Campbell. Nolan. Abby. Cash. Joshua.

At the end of last year at pre-school Sebo’s teachers gave him a photo album full of shots they had taken of him and his friends throughout the year. As the winter break grew long, at least once a day he handed the book to us and asked us to read it to him. He definitely loves his mommy and daddy but he misses his friends. And he’s proud of his relationships with them.

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