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Three years ago today, we were in the hospital. Michelle was in labor for a total of 40 hours if you remember. But we had no idea while we were in the thick of it how long we would have to wait. Tomorrow afternoon, Sebo turns three. THREE. (3). That doesn't hardly seem possible. So much has changed in three years. Our home, our friends, our jobs, our way of life. [...]

15 months

Sebo has been doing some things recently that are just blowing us away. He has his own little chair and when he sits in it he puts his feet up on the ottoman. He was holding two packs of plastic bowls, one in each hand. He wanted to also hold a pack of silver muffin tins. So he figured out he could stack both packs of bowls in one hand and grab the muffin tins wit[...]

Even dad can do it.

I was with Michelle and Sebo at the self-checkout in Kroger and I overheard the self-serve Kodak picture center blaring out a voice-recording, advertising their Easy and Quick collage system. The thing that struck me as strange was when the woman's voice said "Making a collage with your photos is so easy, even dad can do it." Made me think of the Geico "Even a caveman[...]


We had lunch at a local pizza shop today. While we were there, we witnessed no fewer than three (3) different kids either tip their chairs over or fall out of them completely. One of these was a toddler in a high-chair. Everyone seemed to be okay. But this further supports my theory that the island from LOST did, indeed move, and it has repositioned itself in 2009, di[...]