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15 months

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Sebo has been doing some things recently that are just blowing us away.

He has his own little chair and when he sits in it he puts his feet up on the ottoman.

He was holding two packs of plastic bowls, one in each hand. He wanted to also hold a pack of silver muffin tins. So he figured out he could stack both packs of bowls in one hand and grab the muffin tins with the other.

We have a child-proof device on our front doorknob. The other day he figured out how dismantle it. Then he proceeded to attempt putting it back together.

He turns on his sound machine before he goes to bed.

A couple weeks ago at his Granny’s house, he was watering the grass and his red fish-shaped watering can ran out of water. He picked up the hose and stuck it into the watering can to fill it up, but he noticed there was no water coming out of the hose. So he walked over to the house and tried to turn the water on.

We have watched him try to cheer up his uncle who was having a very hard day.

Every day he just keeps growing and advancing. It’s an amazing thing to watch!

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