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Three years ago today, we were in the hospital. Michelle was in labor for a total of 40 hours if you remember. But we had no idea while we were in the thick of it how long we would have to wait.

Tomorrow afternoon, Sebo turns three. THREE. (3). That doesn’t hardly seem possible. So much has changed in three years. Our home, our friends, our jobs, our way of life. It has been an amazing journey, filled with every emotion I could possibly write here. I am SO in love with my wife and SO in love with my son that I hardly even know how to express my feelings in words, on this blog. I just want everyone to know that The Grayums are going strong, we are here to stay, and we have lots and lots of great things in our future :)

Tomorrow evening we are taking Sebastian and his friends to bounce their brains out at Monkey Joe’s. He has been looking forward to it for weeks, and honestly, so have I. It is so great to watch him have fun. Even though the ENTIRE time will be spent trying to make sure he doesn’t try to be too much of a daredevil and climb somewhere he might get stuck, or jump off the top of a building head-first. This is the same kid who, 95% of the time (at least) goes down a slide any way BUT feet first. He’s creative.

By the way, our great friends Mark and Di had their twin boys this morning. So they are in the hospital as I write this, starting an all new phase of their lives. We are so happy for them!

Good night. Tomorrow should be a fun day :)

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