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We had lunch at a local pizza shop today. While we were there, we witnessed no fewer than three (3) different kids either tip their chairs over or fall out of them completely. One of these was a toddler in a high-chair. Everyone seemed to be okay. But this further supports my theory that the island from LOST did, indeed move, and it has repositioned itself in 2009, directly underneath Snappy Tomato Pizza. And for some reason the bizarre electromagnetic properties are only seeming to apply to kids with unusually high energy levels.

In better news, Michelle and I tag-teamed one of the claw-grab machines and won Sebastian a blue basketball with the words “New York” written on it. And it only took us two tries. Sebo LOVES his new blue basketball.

1 thought on “Gravity”

  1. Cool! The Snappy Tomato is one of D’s fave places to go ( & mine too for the price…), & we always have to play the NASCAR game – Dorothy can’t reach the pedals, so I do that while she steers, sitting in my lap.
    I joke with her & say we’re going to the “Happy Potato”…

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