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Early bird

It's about 5:30 in the morning. Still dark outside, and the coffee won't start brewing on it's own until 7. I'm up this early because I have a men's group that meets down the street at 6 on Fridays, where we talk about being dads and husbands, about God, and what's going on in our lives. The reason we meet so early is so that it doesn't take away from time with our fa[...]


So now I'm 35 years old. Did I really just type that? 35. It's a nice looking number in print, I think the 3 and the 5 balance each other nicely. But it sounds so much older than 34. Seniors in high school are half my age now. And I'm old enough to run for President. It sounds a little bit ... old to me. Not old like in a bad way old. But I guess I should say it sound[...]


So Sebastian has started singing. (Notice how I haven't updated my blog in six months, and I'm acting like that's not the case? Classy, huh?) That's a lie. He has always been a singer. But now that he's learned a lot of words, his singing sounds very different. It's very soft and sweet, with the makings of a real melody. And his songs scatter in sounds from real words[...]