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This is what Michelle and I will be doing tomorrow. Our friend Jeremy started this movement and it has now spread to include more than 6500 photographers with events in 58 countries around the world. And we will be serving with our friend Kevin in Robertson County, taking photos. Feeling very excited, nervous, humbled, blessed. In less than 24 hours, people all around[...]

The Rescuer

I was walking the dogs this afternoon, and as I was looking up at the telephone poles along Post Road, a memory hit me. Sometime around the age of ten or so I had figured out what i wanted to be, not when I grew up, but pretty much right then. I wanted to rescue people. I wanted to wear my camouflage pants, my calculator watch, my green beret, and probably my canteen,[...]

Happy Anniversary!

Eight years ago today I married my best friend. So much has changed since then, but I am so blessed to still be able to spend every day with Michelle. And of course having Sebo around reminds us of how amazingly lucky we are. Here is a video of Sebo's first ride on a carousel (with some brief cameos from our cousins Rachael and Emily):[...]

Lotta things

Family was in town last weekend from Ohio and we had a blast. Petted stingrays, which was crazy. Family in town this weekend from Missouri. Tomato art festival. Parties. Getting paintings ready to ship to a new gallery in California. Friend coming into town next weekend. 8 year anniversary on Wednesday. Sebo can climb the stairs and open the door in his room now. Lot[...]


You know how there are those business locations that just can never seem to, well, stay in business? We have one of those in Bellevue. Actually we have a TON of those in Bellevue, but there's this one place next to the McDonald's that's just never been able to maintain a decent tenant. For years Michelle and I have been saying it would be a GREAT place for a Baja Fres[...]


Check it out. Our friend, Jeremy "Photographer of the Stars" Cowart has a spread in the current issue of People magazine, covering his recent tour with Britney Spears. On newsstands now.

Christopher joel

Christopher joel
------------------------- Chris is a friend of mine and his first album came out in May and I forgot to say anything about it! It's the first album that uses my photography on the cover. I designed it, so the drawings are also mine :) It's really an amazing album. Click on the cover art, name your own price, and get the thing!