15 months

Sebo has been doing some things recently that are just blowing us away.

He has his own little chair and when he sits in it he puts his feet up on the ottoman.

He was holding two packs of plastic bowls, one in each hand. He wanted to also hold a pack of silver muffin tins. So he figured out he could stack both packs of bowls in one hand and grab the muffin tins with the other.

We have a child-proof device on our front doorknob. The other day he figured out how dismantle it. Then he proceeded to attempt putting it back together.

He turns on his sound machine before he goes to bed.

A couple weeks ago at his Granny’s house, he was watering the grass and his red fish-shaped watering can ran out of water. He picked up the hose and stuck it into the watering can to fill it up, but he noticed there was no water coming out of the hose. So he walked over to the house and tried to turn the water on.

We have watched him try to cheer up his uncle who was having a very hard day.

Every day he just keeps growing and advancing. It’s an amazing thing to watch!

Bert & Ernie & Gangsta Rap

Michelle found this the other day. It’s probably about the greatest single thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Art, etc.

We’ve been staying busy around here, as usual. I’m coming up on one year of working at home, for myself. And while its had its share of challenges, I feel extremely lucky be able to do it and be around Michelle and Sebo all day. But business is going very, very well. We have great clients!

As you might know, I began working with an art rep back around mid-June. She has been AMAZING, and in less than three months she has gotten my work in a number of new venues in Middle Tennessee, Chattanooga, Alabama, Florida, and California. I’m shipping to Chicago as soon as I can get the art painted, and there will be many more new places on the way.

Michelle and I are collaborating on a new show for the first time in 3 years. It will be called “Giant Scary Monsters” and it opens September 12th at Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery. It’s going to be awesome! Be prepared to come to the opening and stand awkwardly on the sidewalk in front of the gallery which is, quite literally, a solar-powered box on the wall.

Finally, a new website is on the way. For both of us. For everything. Because we have time to design such things.

The Rescuer

I was walking the dogs this afternoon, and as I was looking up at the telephone poles along Post Road, a memory hit me. Sometime around the age of ten or so I had figured out what i wanted to be, not when I grew up, but pretty much right then. I wanted to rescue people. I wanted to wear my camouflage pants, my calculator watch, my green beret, and probably my canteen, and I wanted to rescue people. From what, I’m not sure, but bad guys would probably be involved. My transportation mode of choice? I figured, not yet being able to drive, that I could get by with a long rope, lassoing it around the tops of trees, buildings, and telephone poles, swinging my way through the countryside like Spider-Man, ready to help whoever needed it.

Didn’t happen.

Happy Anniversary!

Eight years ago today I married my best friend. So much has changed since then, but I am so blessed to still be able to spend every day with Michelle. And of course having Sebo around reminds us of how amazingly lucky we are.

Here is a video of Sebo’s first ride on a carousel (with some brief cameos from our cousins Rachael and Emily):

Lotta things

Family was in town last weekend from Ohio and we had a blast. Petted stingrays, which was crazy. Family in town this weekend from Missouri. Tomato art festival. Parties. Getting paintings ready to ship to a new gallery in California. Friend coming into town next weekend. 8 year anniversary on Wednesday. Sebo can climb the stairs and open the door in his room now.

Lotta things.

Even dad can do it.

I was with Michelle and Sebo at the self-checkout in Kroger and I overheard the self-serve Kodak picture center blaring out a voice-recording, advertising their Easy and Quick collage system. The thing that struck me as strange was when the woman’s voice said “Making a collage with your photos is so easy, even dad can do it.” Made me think of the Geico “Even a caveman can do it” commercials.

Thanks, Kodak.


You know how there are those business locations that just can never seem to, well, stay in business? We have one of those in Bellevue. Actually we have a TON of those in Bellevue, but there’s this one place next to the McDonald’s that’s just never been able to maintain a decent tenant. For years Michelle and I have been saying it would be a GREAT place for a Baja Fresh. Well, they’ve flattened the lot and they are starting to build a Hardee’s. Now, while I’m a little happy about this, since the nearest Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr for all you West Coast people) is about 20-30 minutes away, I would have to say that Hardee’s is pretty much the mathematical opposite of Baja Fresh.

Oh well. There’s also an empty place on Hwy 70 where I think would make a great location for Bongo Java West. But I’m not holding my breath.

Studio b.

Here’s a great feature on one of my new galleries in Florida. It was shot a few weeks before they had any of my art, so no Aaron cameos in this one :)