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You know how there are those business locations that just can never seem to, well, stay in business? We have one of those in Bellevue. Actually we have a TON of those in Bellevue, but there’s this one place next to the McDonald’s that’s just never been able to maintain a decent tenant. For years Michelle and I have been saying it would be a GREAT place for a Baja Fresh. Well, they’ve flattened the lot and they are starting to build a Hardee’s. Now, while I’m a little happy about this, since the nearest Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr for all you West Coast people) is about 20-30 minutes away, I would have to say that Hardee’s is pretty much the mathematical opposite of Baja Fresh.

Oh well. There’s also an empty place on Hwy 70 where I think would make a great location for Bongo Java West. But I’m not holding my breath.

2 thoughts on “Hardee’s”

  1. And there’s a new place about to open on Sawyer Brown where the Blue Goose Bistro used to be – looks like a Panera/City Limits type place. Yahoo!

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