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Seems so far away.
Not really.
It was nice, working from home. Really nice. Didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, but I didn’t even leave the house except to take the dogs out, which was really nice. Michelle and I spent the first six years of our time together working ten feet from each other at Creative Access. Now after three and a half years working at separate jobs, we are both working from home. That’s exciting. We’ve dreamed of both working for ourselves, at home (or in a really cool loft/castle), and together. And we finally have our chance and I love it.

I originally left 25 business cards at Crema and found out yesterday that they are all gone. That’s shocking to me, because I originally thought that 25 cards was a little overkill. I’ve gotten great response from my art there, I’ve gotten a commission and I’ve sold a piece, and haven’t even had my official art opening yet (probably going to be on 2/22 … will let you know for sure as the week transpires).

This afternoon Michelle and I will go cast our votes in the Primaries. I like voting. I don’t vote as often as voting comes about, but I feel good when I do. Especially after the Bush/Gore elections/recounts/hanging chads in 2000, it was obvious that every last vote counts. I hope Gary Coleman is running this time. He’s really the great hope this country needs.

Whatchyoo talkin bout, Osama?

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  1. lol!
    this past weekend was the first time in ages Stevie had Saturday off – so he made us all breakfast & we didn’t go anywhere this weekend. It was so nice – we cleaned house & stayed in our pajamas all weekend & I made home made chicken & dumplins (no g – they are dumplins)…
    enjoy your freelance time – when the baby comes – free time will never again exist! ;-)

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