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I know, I haven’t updated in awhile. It’s been a heck of a week. And I also didn’t want to turn this blog into a rant-fest. But there is some light on the horizon … dim light, but it’s there. We may have found a realistic solution to our insurance problems, but it’s now in my employer’s hands. We are going to the doctor’s tomorrow morning for our third pre-natal visit and I HOPE we get to maybe hear the heartbeat again … I can’t wait for that! Last night we spent with a friend from California, and tonight we’re spending with another friend from California. And Saturday morning we are leaving to go down to Florida for a week. Woo-hoo! Never spent Christmas on the beach before. Hopefully I can blog a little when I’m down there.

Thanks again for everyone’s blessings and friendship. I think that somewhere in the muckiness of the past two weeks of our lives, Michelle and I can still feel warmth from our friends and family, and while we’re learning the hard way that there are certain things we can’t count on, there are other things that we most certainly can. Christmas is in 5 days. 5 freaking days. I’m in short sleeves.

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