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What was I thinking?

I thought for sure that once baby came home and I took a few weeks off from work that I would be able to get so much done around the house, get caught up with finances, planning, cleaning, etc … but seriously, there has been no time. I never accounted for the steep learning curve that comes with bringing a baby home for the first time, adjusting to his schedule, trying to get sleep in and the very occasional shower. It’s been a lot. Some of it has been very difficult, and breastfeeding has been tougher than we ever anticipated. Our pediatrician drew us a bell curve and explained to us how from now and 6-8 weeks old, the crying and fussiness is only going to get worse before it gets better.

But here I am, I go back to “work” on Monday (both at the church and freelance). Which I’m trying not to think about. Thank God I asked for three weeks off. The first week was spent at the hospital. The second was spent NOT sleeping a wink and just trying to keep all three of us alive. This week has been a mixture of lots of different things. We’re getting more sleep, but there have been lots of emotional and physical challenges that aren’t really quantifiable, but are definitely real.


We’ll get into a routine. Then it will change, and we’ll have no choice but to change with it. I don’t know how people juggle all this, but I know they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. We’ll get it. Some things we’ve got down just fine.

I finally was able to digitize the videos I’ve taken so far. It took me that long to get a Firewire cable that didn’t cost $40. But it works great with iMovie.

Apple rocks.

I’m very inspired to write and make art. No time right now. But it will come. This was a really cool find. And so was this.

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  1. So, when can we meet the little man? Do you need any meals? We’re loving keeping up with what’s happening through this blog, but it’s time for a face to face!

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