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Wednesday evening

• Today is ending and it was my second day working 100% freelance. It’s strange and I don’t have a routine in place yet, especially in trying to take care of the kid. But I’ll get there. I will say it’s completely awesome though :)

• I’m photographing an awards banquet downtown tomorrow at the Renaissance. I’ve never done one this big, but I’ve done events like this, where you go around and ask people to stand together and take their photos. That’s probably my least favorite thing to do as a photographer. I just don’t like walking up to strangers and taking their photos. But hey, I gotta pay for all this new camera equipment! (Which I will have done after this shoot.)

• The other day I was out downtown with my camera and a guy came up to me and was completely convinced I was paparazzi, even though I told him it was just a coincidence that I was standing outside The Palm. He thought I was waiting for someone famous to come out. He thought I was just not wanting him to know that I was really paparazzi. He happened to be what he called a Grapharazzi … someone who gets autographs. He’s collected over 400 just by walking around downtown Nashville and seeing famous people. He says that Little Richard lives at the Hilton right now and has turned him down for an autograph 27 times. This guy carries a Little Richard album around with him wherever he goes. He pulled out his camera and showed me a recent photo of him and Jessica Simpson. I just kept thinking, crap, I wonder how often I’m going to run into this guy from now on?

• For the record, I pretty much think that paparazzi are scum of the earth.

• I’m crossing my fingers that the Feds will decide to bail me out.

• I’m toying around with the idea of getting on Twitter. At first I thought it was a dumb idea, but the more I’ve been following a few people, the more I’m getting interested.

• Sebastian’s laugh gets stuck in my head and it’s the greatest sound I’ve ever heard in my life.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday evening”

  1. “But hey, I gotta pay for all this new camera equipment! (Which I will have done after this shoot.)”

    SHUT UP! I have got to get off my butt and try to find some feelance work! Just think maybe you’ll run into Little Richard! How much fun would that be!

  2. I was thinking about the taxes earlier in the week. :)

    Thanks Aaron… I too was toying with Twitter and now that I see you are too… I’m twittere’d.

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