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His voice is changing. He “talks” all the time, in his own special way. Sometimes he sounds his voice while moving his fingers around in his mouth to create different sounds that totally sound like he is having a conversation. Lately he has started figuring out how to make some of those sounds without his fingers and every day it’s sounding a little more like he is talking. He has said “mama” and “dada”, and does both quite often (I think he probably says some form of dadadadada more often, maybe the “da” sound is easier to say?) , but as of yet we don’t think he’s necessarily associating them with US.
And within the last few days, his voice has gotten noticeably deeper. My mom even noticed on the phone when Sebo was talking in the background. It’s just so amazing to be able to hear a real voice starting to develop. Although we’re pretty sure that seven months is perhaps a little early for puberty. But he has seemed fairly advanced so far …

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  1. Dorothy talked before she walked – in her daycare she was the only one NOT walking; but she was also THE ONLY one talking & forming words. You guys talk to him & sing to him so he will have no trouble….
    D’s first sentence was a question “DaDa Wawa?” & she pointed at Stevie’s water bottle….keep up the good work!

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