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To Subway and back

This evening I drove down to a new Subway here in Bellevue on Old Hickory at the bottom of the hill. It’s in a tiny shopping center that consists of the Subway, an Allstate insurance agency, and a sign shop. It’s kind of weirding me out that the sign shop is the only business without a sign.

And on the way back up the hill, I passed two teenage boys walking on the side of the road. The one of the left had his jeans pulled down buckled (with the belt he was actually wearing) somewhere just below his butt cheeks. Which meant he was basically wearing (from top to bottom) a shirt, white boxers which could be seen in their entirety, and jeans. It all looked so deliberate that I can imagine that he got dressed, looked at his boxers out there for all to see, adjusted his belt to make sure his pants wouldn’t fall the rest of the way down, and said, “Yeah, this looks good.”

This fad has been around for waaaaaaaaay too long. It was at my high school in the early nineties, and I’m sure it’s been around longer than that. How does it keep sticking around?

3 thoughts on “To Subway and back”

  1. I always went with the two other extremes. Either my pants were too tight to sag or they were too loose to even stay up enough to sag. Maybe it’ll stick long enough for me to catch the fad one day! :)

  2. I agree, it is annoying – but if you can, it’s really fun to “pants ’em” and take off! When they’re ridin’ that low, just grab a leg & pull down, then make a clean getaway. They cannot run with those pants hanging ’round their ankles!!

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