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I’m figuring that time is passing pretty quickly when it seems like I’m going to the dentist ALL THE TIME. And I know I’m only going every six months. I have an appointment Monday immediately after a pre-natal appointment at Baptist. Michelle will be 30 weeks along already this Friday. 37 is officially “full term.” That freaks me out a bit. We have so much left to do on the house to get ready for baby. I’m working late nights and early mornings with all my freelance design. At Michelle’s suggestion, I’m strongly considering moving to working half days every day at BCC, instead of 2 1/2 days a week. Because the freelance doesn’t always (or ever) conveniently fall on Mondays or Fridays, when I’m not at BCC at all.

I’m, in a very real way, working three jobs right now: BCC, Tinymusicbox Design, and Painting.

I also have all these paintings to do for the Harding Art Show in May. Biggest/baddest show of the year, and one of the most prestigious in the Southeast … and let’s just say that most paintings that you see or buy on May 1st-3rd will be quite fresh.

We went to a diaper seminar at Babies-R-Us tonight. It was great, there was only one other couple there and the teacher was named June and was terrific.

Michelle and I are going to a hair-cutting party Saturday at a friend’s house. Never done that before.

Please know that if I seem scatterbrained, stressed, have unkempt hair (to be remedied by aforementioned hair-party), bad memory, bad grammar, and only seem to post once a week (I pray that’s not a habit) … it’s because I’m a little overwhelmed right now. And I don’t even have time to go into the half of it. Lots of big (and great) things in the oven right now … but can’t talk now. Gotta run. It’s 11:30. I’m going to try and get up at 6 and do Freelance-work until I gotta go do BCC-work at 8:30.

— Aa.

P.S. I apologize if you just read that post and are thinking, what the $&*# did I just waste 5 minutes of my life on that for? Especially if you’re a new reader. I promise I’m better than this :)

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