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Time change

We sprung an hour ahead this morning. The time won’t change back until after the baby is born, so I am one hour closer to being a dad :)

Note to son: I know even in your mother’s womb, you can hear things. Lots of things. If you happen to hear either of us talking about how the fact that your expected delivery date is less than 3 months away makes us scared/overwhelmed/freaked, please know that it’s only because we want to have a wonderful home prepared for you when you arrive. You’re like a very special guest coming over for dinner, and I want to prepare you the best meal you’ve ever dreamed of. Except that I don’t even know how to cook.

And this 3 month thing I’m talking about is like an outside maximum. You could very well come earlier. I know several recent babies who came early, one as early as six weeks. Yeah, that freaks me out. One way or another, we will make sure we are ready for you to get here.

And one thing I told Michelle on the phone last week is this: For the first couple of years, a baby is not going to remember or care about what their house looked like. They won’t care that there’s wallpaper hanging off the wall or if there’s still a stack of unpacked boxes in the corner. Or whether or not we have a backyard. All these things are important, but they’re not the most important. What the baby will remember and care about is how his mom and dad loved each other, cared for him, read him stories at night … that’s the kind of thing I remember most about the first ten years of my life. I couldn’t tell you if our houses growing up were a mess or not. We’ve got to remember that.

In other news, last night I dreamed that Conan O’Brien and I went to a donut shop and engorged ourselves with donuts of all kinds.

Apparently I was dreaming of heaven.

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