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Thrush sucks

If I haven’t said it before, I’m saying it now. Thrush sucks. It’s a yeast infection that passes between baby and mother, and it probably took hold when the hospital wiped her system out by giving her antibiotics after the delivery.

But it’s excruciating for her. It feels like needles sticking in places they shouldn’t. It’s emotionally draining because breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt so bad. And we have to boil everything after we use it, she’s supposed to stay away from anything with sugar/carbs/yeast/dairy in it until this gets cleared up, which could take days or weeks.

And she’s taking some pills for it. It’s a treatment that needs to be 14 pills in 14 days. Our wonderful insurance company will literally only pay for one half of one pill. Which amounts to $2. No joke.

Michelle and our pediatrician both have said that it can hurt as bad as the labor did. And we thought that this kind of pain was supposed to be over in the hospital.

Thrush sucks. If you like thrush or were thinking of getting it for fun, I’d encourage you to reconsider.

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