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• Do I really want to be where the rubber meets the road? Really?

• I still can’t really understand why McDonald’s is always a proud sponsor of the Olympics … because when I think of an Olympic athlete who has trained their entire life to be the best in the world, I think of a number 3 combo.

• There is a big difference in the quality of photo from a cheap lens and an expensive lens. BIG difference.

• I’m trying to figure this out: If I ever get to the point where I need to convince someone to leave town because there’s just not enough room for the both of us, is Bellevue really just a one-horse town, or is there more room here than I realize?

• I’ve woken up hungry plenty of times. I can’t remember ever waking up simply because I’m hungry. Especially not screaming about it at 3am.

• Obama’s acceptance speech last night was great. Here are some things that might have made his speech even better. Or at least more hilarious.
— If only he’d used the word “Sucka” more.
— If he’d come out wearing one of those little red Chuck-E-Cheese bowler hats and a matching tie.
— If he’d hopped onto Biden’s shoulders and challenged McCain to a game of chicken.
— If, in an exact recreation of the 1983 Motown 25 television special, he’d moonwalked across the stage, flipped his hat into the crowd, grabbed his crotch, and then disappeared into a cloud of smoke, never saying a word.
— If out of nowhere he was sporting a ‘Fro.
— If the entire time he made absolutely no reference to the Presidency at all, but instead only focused on his insatiable love for some baby back ribs.
— If the speech had been given by his ventriloquist doll, Little ‘Bama.”
— If he’d been holding the little chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials the entire time, never mentioning or making reference to it.
— If, after all the time and millions of dollars spent on the campaign, he’d simply declined the nomination. What would they have done?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. Stevie says get to him soon at work, the 40D deal isn’t for much longer….& yes, the lens makes the difference…I shot this past weekend with a 50mm fixed lens – made me realize just how convenient zoom lenses really are! “Zoom with your feet” is not something a clumsy person wants to hear, trust me!

  2. you said his speech was great but do you like Obama as the Democratic nominee? I do … just wondering what you think. Dad

  3. Hey dad, yes, Michelle and I are really excited about Obama … he’s really the first person to run since I’ve been voting that I’ve truly gotten behind.

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