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The night before

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I had this dream the night before finding out we were pregnant:

I was on a school bus, coming back from school, maybe college. The bus was dropping us off at this huge mall to find our cars (my friend Mark was there, I don’t really remember anyone else) … I got off at the wrong end of the mall and had to find my way through the mall to get to the other side, but the mall was closing … I started trying to find a way around everything, another way to get through the mall, but instead I asked the guards to let me through the first door. I pled my case, and they let me through. I did the same with the next guard, and pretty much the whole way through the mall … when I got through to the other side, there was a staff retreat in a park setting … there was the gazebo type thing that they are building at Elmington Park on West End, but the place looked more like Montgomery Bell Park … and I walked around but then sat in this ampitheater where a bunch of people were. I might have been sitting at a school desk, and I had a huge metal bowl of fruit of all kinds, and I was eating them, stuffing my face like I had never tasted fruit so good … huge blackberries, grapes, raspberries, these weird things that reminded me of oversized okra or small corn on the cob, but instead of kernels, they were little grapes, and then the last thing I ate was this wonderful plum, and I just couldn’t get enough of it, I was stuffed but it tasted so good I just couldn’t stop myself.

Then I woke up at 7:24am, a mere six minutes before finding out the biggest news of my life.

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