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The last drop

I hate to say it, but my first solo show is coming to a close. It was a good run, my art’s been hanging at Crema for about two months. It was a great experience and I’ve loved having people email me or call me to tell me that they saw my art there. I’ve had people I don’t know call me and leave me messages just for no other reason than to tell me how much they loved my paintings. I mean, who gets to experience that kind of unsolicited acknowledgement that maybe, perhaps, they are taking their life in the right direction afterall? Apparently I do. Or at least I have. But I like it.

So Crema is open today, tomorrow, and Saturday until 3pm. I’m going to invite everyone who bought their pieces to swing by and pick them up anytime on Saturday. And I’ll show up at around 3 on Saturday to begin dismantling the place.

If you get a chance to see it before it’s gone, please do so. i’ll have more shows, but this one was particularly special. I will definitely want to show there again one day.

In May, my friend Janet Lee will be having a show at Crema as well. Her art rocks.

Also, i got an email inviting me to the Works with Words group panel discussion at the Library this Saturday. This would be something where I would get up and talk about my art and answer questions, etc. On one hand, it sounds kind of cool, because this is something that “real” artists do, right? But on the other hand, it sounds a little nerve-racking. But I do have a real excuse. I guess. Does it sound bad to say I’m probably not going to do it because I’m getting my hair did?

Give a gallery talk or go to a hair party? Did Rauschenberg have to make decisions like this?

2 thoughts on “The last drop”

  1. Yes! The Group Gallery talk is at 11am. There will be another one on June 7th, but that’s the day after our baby is due, so I kinda doubt I’ll be at that one either.

    There are some great artists in this show (which I still haven’t even seen yet):

    Lani Asuncion, Dan Brawner, Susan Bryant, Aletha Carr, Joy Deeann Carson, Laura Chenicek, Nance Cooley, Kaaren H. Engel, Richard Feaster, Aaron Grayum, Leslie Haines, Susan Hulme, Linda Illingworth, Mildred Jarrett, Daniel Lai, Claudia Lee, Barton J. Mangrum, Bryce McCloud, Jennifer Knowles McQuistion, Jaime Raybin, Billy Renkl, Kit Reuther, Izamar Rodriguez, Andrew Saftel, Britt Stadig, Cynthia Thompson, William R. Tomkins, Jr., Ben C. Vitualla, Erica H. Well, Anne R. Williams

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