5 thoughts on “The Christening”

  1. you go! Stevie had to change them for me at first – I had no idea, never changed a diapie in my life until Dorothy’s….just know that if you (well Michelle) keep nursing exclusively, he will start pooping only like once a week. It’s awesome. If you keep a record of what Michelle eats, you can figure out what ‘disagrees’ with Sebo. Sauerkraut & high lactose cheeses were our only nemeses from nursing, otherwise, everything else was fine. You guys are doing great, glad to see the blogs rolling again!

  2. I will pray that Sebastian, unlike Grace, won’t one day decide it would be cool to take the crap out of his diaper and paint the walls and crib with it. Every day for weeks.

    Then again, you guys ARE artists, so the odds aren’t in your favor on that one.

    But, yeah, you’re a dad. A real man cleans feces off of furniture. :-)

    Enjoy every minute! (I know you are.)

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