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Sweet sebo

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Sebo is being incredibly sweet this morning. Yesterday was Labor Day, and this Thursday-Friday the biz is closed so we can move it to our new condo in River Plantation. So today and tomorrow are going to be beasts, trying to knock out a week’s worth of design work in two days, on top of Michelle finishing up a cake top that delivers tomorrow (technically, it’s a very sweet candle holder that’s not actually topping a cake). And so back to sweet Sebo … we’ve kept him home from school today because he has been fighting a cough and runny nose since Saturday evening, and I’m going to take him to the doctor in about an hour and a half. They’ll probably tell us there’s nothing we can do, just push liquids, vitamins, get a priest, etc … but it’ll make me feel better since it’s only been about a week or so since he had a pretty vicious 24-hour bug. Just want to make sure all is well.His spirits are very up, he is in the hallway right now playing with his Red Retro Kitchen while I am trying to write some clients back about how we are going to handle the next couple weeks of deadlines. He keeps fixing me baskets of fruits and vegetables from his kitchen, and apparently Granny keeps calling on his personal line, so we keep “talking” to her. Right now a scary ghost has taken his food into his cardboard house and he’s asking me to go rescue it for him. Duty calls.

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