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Some things I’m looking forward to

• to kissing his forehead and making his eyes close
• to carry him around at art shows in my Baby Bjorn
• to see him look at me for the first time
• to play him songs on the guitar
• to see Michelle hold him and sing You Are My Sunshine
• to drive him home from the hospital like a 90-year-old granny
• to see how my paintings will change
• to see what it’s like eating at a restaurant with a baby
• to read him Shel Silverstein
• to teach him the hook shot
• to take his picture
• to put some socks on his little feet
• to take him to the beach
• to take him everywhere

1 thought on “Some things I’m looking forward to”

  1. I swear Stephen drove 5 miles an hour all the way home, and I rode in the backseat with D. Everytime we went somewhere one of us always rode in the back with her…

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