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Social Security

Yesterday before Michelle and I left the hospital after seeing Mark and Diana’s hour-an-a-half-old son (for the record, I’ve never seen Mark so happy in my life … it was inspiring), we picked up some papers telling about birthing/parenting classes at Baptist. In the mix was a birth certificate form that we’ll eventually need to fill out, in order to prove that our baby is, in fact, our baby.

Birth certificates are good, I suppose. Mine reminded me that I was born at 11:16am on Feb. 9th (Which is tomorrow, if you’re keeping score). Which I always remember is Ohio time, so that’s 10:16am here.

One of the questions kind of had us perplexed. It asked if we wanted to give our child a social security number. I guess they are implying that we have an option whether or not to put our kid on the grid. My first thought, of course, was that if they don’t have a number, they don’t have to pay taxes, right? I have no idea. I know they obviously wouldn’t collect social security and it would be a bitch to get a loan in this country. Maybe that’s a good thing. The paying taxes thing? I don’t know, but I was thinking, if they didn’t have to pay taxes, then they wouldn’t need social security, which won’t exist in 65 years anyway. Because they would probably be rich.

But then I think it was the next question on the form where it asked for the mother’s and father’s social security numbers (*required). So apparently they don’t require for you to have one, but they require you to have one if you want to reproduce.

So, future son/daughter, we probably would prefer to have grandkids one day, so your mom and I will most likely be giving you a social security number afterall. Sorry in advance for the having to pay taxes thing.

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  1. RachaelAnne has a very good point…..
    Also – have you ever been to the 1 existing social security office in all of middle tennessee?? It’s on Nolensville Rd next to Food Lion – trust me – fill out that stuff at the hospital so you don’t have to go spend 1/2 a day in line only to find out you forgot to bring 1 small trivial piece of information and be turned away. When I got married I had to go get a new card and it literally took 4 hours waiting…..give the little pooper a # & get the tax credit ;-)

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