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The last time I remember looking at the clock last night was 4am. Then he got us back up around 6. So with only two hours of sleep, he was not the only unhappy camper in the house. Michelle was wonderful though and let me sleep for a few more hours.

This morning I picked up a nursing bra off the floor and put it back on the bed. With my toes. I also put my jeans on with one hand. These are feats I will have to master with a baby in one arm.

Today I accidentally fasted for 21 hours. I was hoping to get a spiritual enlightenment out of the deal. Instead, I was just really freaking hungry.

We went out of the house without Sebastian for the first time today. His grandma watched him while we were gone, so we knew he was in great hands. It was the last day of the Works with Words exhibit at the Library, and Michelle hadn’t seen it yet. My dad, stepmom and brother went with us too. I was excited when I saw a small group of people walk over to my painting and talk about how it was their favorite piece in the entire exhibit. That was a surreal feeling. Until I realized they were actually talking about the piece right next to mine.

I hope to God that tonight is better than last night. We’re looking into the possibility that a case of thrush might be causing our breastfeeding and grumpy baby problems. We’ll see what the pediatrician says about it.


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