3 thoughts on “Sleepless”

  1. Best of luck!! With your talent and great work, they couldn’t turn you down even if you did fall asleep and not wear pants.

  2. It gets better, I promise. He’ll start sleeping for more hours at a time soon. And no, your body never gets used to it! Dorothy still has something about Sunday nights at 3:34 a.m. that she comes to wake me (not Stephen, ME) or try to get in bed with us, which is a no-no. My alarm goes off @ 5 a.m., which is usually when I have just gotten back to sleep good. You can count on me not knowing my butt from a hole in the ground every Monday!
    Best o’ luck with the new account, I don’t see how you couldn’t get it, you are very talented.

  3. HA!!!!! Desmond in the hatch is the best way I’ve ever heard it put. We’re right there with you. In the hatch. ALL THE TIME. :-)

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