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Six months old


I can’t believe Sebastian is six months old today. That’s just amazing to me, how quickly the time has scurried by. He is looking like such a little boy now. He has been teething for several months and is on the verge of popping out a couple teeth any day now. He can push himself up on his hands with ease and can roll over with the best of them. We feel that any minute he’ll start crawling, which means that we are long overdue in baby-proofing our deathtrap of a home. He has a startlingly strong grip. He loves to stick his tongue out at us and hopes the we return the favor. He will also cough just a little (we call it the Zoolander cough) hoping that you cough back. He loves his Exersaucer and his newly acquired Jumparoo. He actually takes several naps a day now, which is a huge help. And he is eating baby cereal once or twice a day in addition to formula. When we go in for a pediatrician visit in a week, I think she is going to start him on fruits and veggies. He has a laugh that will melt your heart.

I can easily see how time can get sucked away from us. He’s getting bigger, older, more curious and smarter each and every minute, and even with all the bills and work and cleaning and figuring it all out, I’ve gotta slow down and make sure I don’t miss him growing up.

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