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I’m not mad that my neighbor ran his car into my car in the parking lot over the weekend. There were no dents, only lots of scratches. I’m not mad that he had to leave to get to work and asked if we could exchange insurance information that afternoon, which didn’t happen. I’m not mad that it turned out he didn’t actually have insurance. I’m not really mad about any of it. I do find it really weird that before he admitted he didn’t have insurance, he had a friend of his from a body shop come to the condo and buff out 90% of the scratches without telling me. I went out to my car the next morning and seriously questioned whether or not the incident really happened. On one hand, I guess he was trying to be nice and take ownership of the situation and fix what he had broken. On the other hand, it’s my car, shouldn’t he have asked if it was okay before he just started doing work on it? Especially since he was able to fix MOST of the scratches, but there are several deep cuts that are still very obvious. Was he going to mention them if I hadn’t? Supposedly, he’s going to get his friend to come back out and fix those too. We’ll see.

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  1. I vote that it was right for him to try and make things better, but he should have gotten your permission first! He also shouldn’t have mislead you by pretending he had insurance information to share.

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