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Saturday happenings

It’s time for another hair party already. But Michelle and I will probably be working on the house instead, or some other baby-preparedness activity.

Our friend Janet Lee’s solo opening at Crema.

Our friend Kevin’s photography will be on display at Strolling Through The Arts.

Nashville Font Walk.

And the Nashville Zombie Walk. I can’t put into words how excited this makes me that this even exists.

1 thought on “Saturday happenings”

  1. That’s for mentioning my “Stroll”!! This event has such great potential for success in the future. Last night was exactly as I had thought. Turn out was lite. Lack of instruction as to how anything was supposed to work. NO STRUCTURE, period. I think I’m going to join the council though, I think they need my input. I came with 5, I left with 5.

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