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It’s been one of those weeks. Over the weekend we were chin-deep in the hell that exists when you find out you owe your Uncle Sammy a lot more money than you actually have. (Uncle Sammy doesn’t like that sort of thing) And the rest of my week will be spent (awake) doing freelance projects that I am embarrassingly behind on. And somehow I’ve got to finish my paintings. Oh, and work at my job.

Trying to hold it together.

But today we got to meet Sage. Our friends Megan and Derek gave birth to a beautiful 7.2 oz. baby girl yesterday. In the middle of all the chaos going on around our lives and home, we made sure we went by the hospital for a couple hours because how often do you get to spend time with a 1 day old baby girl? And as a plus, we were getting to spend time with two of our best friends, who had just carried each other over the threshold into parenthood. And what amazing parents they will be!

And Michelle and I are fairly convinced that baby Sage may one day be our daughter-in-law :) If arranged marriages weren’t archaic, invasive, oppressive, and just downright weird, I’d be all for it. Plus, she’s a real looker.

Futuredaughter-in-law, maybe?

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