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What would my life be like if I spent it loving others the way God loves me? Without fear of rejection or the expectation of its return? To love because I love, and nothing else?

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  1. Very Nice thought. That’s Ghandi like. I think this could be done through conditioning ones self. I would say the closest we get to this state (on a mass scale as a people) is when we are babies. We start out knowing love- not fear… this is true because we are born from a state of love. To get back to this state of loving everyone like God loves us would take us recognizing fear each time it creeps in and acknowledging the fear and speaking to it- To tell it to bugger off. If fear was acknowledged at the first moment we first realized it entered our decision making, we could condition ourselves and eventually get as good at rejecting the fear as we are letting it play a role in our decision making. Somewhere along the way, through societal norms, I think we give fear power it doesn’t deserve. Fear of the working world comes to mind. They beat that into high school students each year!

  2. It would be an amazingly blessed life. If we could love like God loves the world around us would be better. And you know what, we CAN love like God loves when we do not judge others and practice what Jesus called the “Golden Rule,” (do unto others what you would have them do unto you).

  3. Thanks Clayton, I love your response … which is very true. My main problem is that instead of telling Fear to bugger off when it first knocks on the door, I let it come into my home, rearrange my living room, and wear my sweater.

  4. True True, thats how fear works. John Mayer quote is true because it can be broken down instance by instance. Fear doesn’t care what type of attention you give it- it just cares that it gets SOMETHING. Next instance, double check the real life consequences (like make sure your not gonna get hit by a car) and do the exact opposite of what your fear tells you to do- Thats probably means goes with your plan! Remember the cowardly Lion? Thats the place fear takes us… rise up when you feel inclined to. Seriously, fear doesn’t care what attention ya give it, it just wants attention.

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