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Holy cow. My friend Dez just helped me send out my very first Press Release about my very first solo show opening next Friday night.

I’m very excited. And a little nervous.

I’m just hoping to get a few people to come by so the place isn’t like a ghost town. It’s hard to think of people coming by JUST to see me. I don’t have other artists to fall back on, it’s basically me and the (very cool) coffee shop. Maybe lots of people will show up. That would be awesome. I’m buying the wine and cheese, and I think there will be free coffee. And art. My art. Mostly new art. And don’t think you have to buy something just for looking … but it all IS for sale … and you know, I got the baby on the way and all …

Hey, I’m an artist, not a salesman.

Tell a buddy. Bring a friend.

Crema Art Opening Next Friday Night!

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