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Pitch Black

Up yours, Mr. Let’s Play God And Mess Our Clocks Up Every Six Months For The Hell Of It. Apparently you weren’t trying to wake up at 6am in the pitch black morning to make your life better by going to the YMCA.


Note to Futureson: When you go to buy paper napkins, the packs that hold 250 and the packs that hold 500 are the EXACT same size. I’m not sure what kind of conspiracy Bounty has got the exciting world of disposable kitchen products into, but I don’t trust it. It’s madness, I tell you. You don’t even get a deal for buying the 500, it’s literally double the price. In the SAME SIZE PACKAGE. My prayer to you is that by the time you start buying napkins for yourself (2026-ish?) that this utter lack of respect for the laws of physics has somehow come to a peaceful end.

2 thoughts on “Pitch Black”

  1. Sheer madness I tell you. And don’t even get me started on the hot dog/hot dog bun conspiracy (a la Steve Martin in Father of the Bride).

  2. ROTFL. This is killing me. I really am on the floor. Thank you so much for making me laugh…I needed it this morning!!!! When you’re little guy comes along and you are desperate for a giggle, I promise to try to return the favor ;)

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