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As of right now, we’re 95% packed for the hospital. And it feels greeeeeeeeaaaat. There’s a lot to consider in packing for a several day stay at Baptist … having to prepare for it to happen at the drop of a hat … and of course we have to bring several outfits so we can play dress up with the baby and all.

We went to the doc yesterday and Michelle’s not any more effaced and she’s not dilated at all either. Which we were a little surprised about, but no worries. He’ll get here when he gets here. And no dilation doesn’t mean nothing’s happened, either. You can’t measure everything.

Today is June 4th. The due date is in two days, on Friday. Our doctor goes out of town Saturday for a week. How’s that for great timing? She’s the same doc that Michelle chose ten years ago, hoping that she would be the one delivering her baby one day. BUT her doc is part of a wonderful group of women obstetricians at Baptist Hospital, and so one of the other women, who we will meet on Monday, will be taking care of us in the event that baby comes next week. Our doula is back in town now, which is awesome, because if we had to do this without our doula, we’d be a bit more freaked out than if we have a substitute doc.

My brother is letting me use his video camera for as long as I want … it’s pretty easy to use, but I have to figure out how to get the videos off the dv-tapes and onto my Mac. The instruction booklet is no help. I am NOT recording the birth. I may record things before and after, but not during. You can watch Baby Story for that.

Note to Futureson: One day I will get to read stories of the Arabian Knights to you. You will get to be fascinated by tales of the desert and dragons and genies and funky lamps. And then one day, you will come across the strange anomaly that is the magic carpet. The mystery is not so much in that it flies on command, but rather, it is clearly not a carpet, but very obviously a rug, and yet for centuries nobody has seemed to notice.

2 thoughts on “Packed”

  1. Ok so I’ve been told you need a little “tech” support for your camera…I’m not ashamed that my countryman may have made the camera nor am I surprised that the same people tried to right an “english” technical manual. :) Anywho. Plug in the camera. Launch iMovie. Do an import and VOILA instant home-movie. Mind you it is nothing like a Paris Hilton Home Movie, and thank God for that…but with the right “angles”, it will suffice to capture those Hallmark moments onto your trusty mac.

  2. might I suggest ‘firewire’ to tranport the video – it loses less of the images when converting….Monster Cables makes some great fire wire…..

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