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Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day for Major League baseball. This is probably the first year in a long time that I’m actually excited about it. I followed baseball very closely when i was a kid, probably until I went to college. It was something my dad and I did together. Living in Nashville, not only do we not have a major league team closer than 4 hours away, but if you can even find a team playing on tv that’s NOT the Cubs or the Braves, it’s a rare thing. Short of subscribing to a baseball channel on Comcast, I’m probably not going to have much luck in catching too many Red Sox games this year.
But thinking about watching games with Michelle and Sebastian, or much better, GOING to them (The Nashville Sounds minor league team just renovated their stadium and general admission is only six bucks!) really gets me excited. So for the next couple seasons, I need to do my homework and let myself get back into the game, so I’m not just telling Sebo about the good ole days before baseball players were all on steroids, and instead appreciate and understand where the game is NOW. It makes me happy that I saved one box of my best baseball cards from when I was a kid, and that I will get to share them one day with my son.

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