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October 1st

• Sebo and his mom were sick last week. Both are pretty much better now. He’s also been spitting up a lot lately which appears to be related to acid reflux.

• Sleep has not come easy the past couple days. He’s decided to have a hard time sleeping this week. Although it’s 9:45 and he’s napping in his swing right next to me, which is nice. Wish I could sleep now :)

• I heard that 52 million people tuned into the first presidential debate on Friday, which is insane. I guarantee more will watch the Palin/Biden debate, if only to see who bitch slaps who first. Next week the presidential debate comes to Nashville at Belmont University, which is kind of exciting. It’s always just exciting to live where something big is happening.

• So the stock market had it’s worst loss in US history and then a day later had it’s biggest gain in US history and is nearly back up to where it started. Yawn.

• I just booked my very first wedding shoot for the end of October. I’m excited and intimidated. At least it’s for a friend of mine, so that helps. And I already have an assistant lined up, so I’ll have someone there with me. I just hope it’s fun. Now I just have to learn how to photograph weddings between now and then :)

• Clock’s ticking. I have exactly three months now to paint for my January show at Crema. And then a month later is an even bigger show at Lipscomb. And my galleries are wanting art for Christmas. And I am behind on some commissions I owe people. I always do this, the Harding Show in May takes so much out of me because it requires so many paintings that I just don’t paint again until I need to. Well now I need to. I just submitted art to the Artrageous auction. They told me I’m one of the few people who’ve actually sold something at the auction the past couple years. So I’ve submitted a big one. The big wine one that those people tried to scam out of me.

• Did I tell you about the scam? I don’t think so. I was excited for a couple months thinking that I’d sold another painting internationally (this time it was two paintings totaling $1200 and it was for South Africa) … but after months of communication and them sending me a counterfeit cashier’s check, I did some research and found out I was nearly the victim of a scam that would have cost me nearly $3000 if I hadn’t figured it out. Other artists have been subject to them as well. If you ever get an email from someone who is supposedly moving to South Africa because her husband got an IT job in Johannesburg, using a moving company called Express Mover, or their name is something like Katty Bauer, proceed with caution. I’ll probably do a more in depth post about it later just so others may find it when googling their suspicious email. I sold a painting last year to a lady in Finland, and it was totally legitimate, so it does happen, this just happened to be a fraud. Thankfully, I only lost out the $8 returned check fee.

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  1. do you have a lightsphere for your flash? it rocked for us this past weekend at the wedding we shot. The wide angle 10-22 was cool & the 28-75 saved our butt.
    http://www.garyfong.com to check out the lightsphere if you don’t already have one….you know where to find Stevie!

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