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Sebo is asleep. Most of the time Michelle and I take turns laying down with him to help him fall asleep. Actually replace “most of the time” with “pretty much every time.” But I don’t mind. In fact, I look forward to it. He falls asleep on his own at friends’ houses and at school, and he has been known to drift off from time to time on his own at home too. But mostly he likes to cuddle with us so he can let go and fall asleep. And I know he’s three (and a half). I know there are people who think we shouldn’t let him run our lives this way, that we’re the parents and he needs to go to bed when and how we say, and we shouldn’t be doing this attachment parenting thing. But this is the way we like it. For now anyway. I am well aware that this won’t last. He won’t always want to be held, or to be snuggled. He’s got his whole life ahead of him when he can fall asleep on his own, in his own bed. And anytime he wants to, he can and we will be happy. But if he wants to be held, or wants to hold us, or wants to crawl into our bed to soothe a bad dream, then his mommy and me want to give that to him. It’s a small thing for us to do and it matters a whole lot. And sometimes, even as adults, I think there are times where we all just want to be held by someone we love so that we can just. let. go.

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