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My boy pees on himself

So for all these months, he’s gotta go somewhere right? Michelle reminded me of this last night, that he is sitting in his own urine, which consists largely of amniotic fluid anyway, which he breathes back in. It’s all sterile. But funny. And weird. And I admitted to her last night that until we actually got pregnant, I had always thought that the baby’s umbilical cord was attached to the other side of tthe woman’s belly button … it just seemed to make sense to me. But more in an artistic way, I guess. The science doesn’t really add up. But she was sweet to me and told me that it wasn’t that crazy to think that.

We’re going to the OB this afternoon. Nicole, our doula, thinks Michelle may have been having a constant, low-grade contraction the other night. So my joke about the 6-hour contraction may not have been a joke afterall. In fact, I could just be the smartest person you know. Which would be scary. But anyway, I’m anxious to hear if she’s dilated any. As of our last visit, she had no dilation at all yet, and from what my Bazooka Joe wrappers tell me, that’s something that needs to happen before the baby comes out. Or it makes it a lot easier, anyway.

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  1. Yep, for any of you pregnant folk out there – dehydration and malnutrition can cause irritated uteri – which would mean low-grade contractions, even abnormal ones like one.long.one.

    So stay hydrated, stay away from KFC, and eat a good amount of protein.

    Don’t get discouraged about the dilation issue – many, many first-time mamas don’t begin dilation until active labor starts. And remember, effacement is 1/2 the game – and she is over 1/2 way there in that department. :o) She IS making progress… :o)

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