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Speaking of music, what are some other good songs about being parents / advice to children, etc … I’ve been trying to compile a “baby songs” list for inspiration. Songs with a generally positive message/theme. Or maybe even good songs to play for baby.

Positive: Ben Folds – “Gracie”
Negative: Everclear – “Father of Mine”
Positive: John Lennon – “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”
Negative: John Lennon – “Mother”

You get what I mean, i hope. What are your suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Music”

  1. don’t look at my website – I screwed it up while I’ve been off sick!!!

    as for music for the baby – play your music – anything you like, anything at all. Squat down and sing to the belly starting now! Dorothy listens to a cd every night going to sleep – as an infant, I played lots of classical music for her, Stephen sang to her, I sang to her & we still sing. Every day when I pick her up from day care, we get in the car and she asks “Mommy, do you want to sing a song with me?” It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.
    Honestly, this is the first time I’ve gotten to check out your ongoing daddy blog & am totally impressed. You guys are on the right track for sure – your attitude, your graciousness, your thankfulness….all the makings of fabu parents!
    The funniest music story I have tho, is when I worked in accounts payable, I would key data all day by myself in my office, and being a metalhead from WAY back, I listened to lots of metal while working. I mean heavy on the Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, you get the gist….
    well, one night Dorothy was about 3 months old I believe, and she was fussy and fidgety – Stephen was flicking channels on the tv and passed by the Headbangers Ball – she immediately stopped crying. He changed the channel & she started crying again. My child fell asleep in my arms listening to Headbangers Ball!! She had heard it so long in my belly, it was familiar. We still laugh about that. I guess I’m trying to say it doesn’t matter exactly what songs or artists you pick out, just as long as you play something for them. Children have an innate sense when it comes to music (hence why the ice cream truck plays Pop goes the Weasel…) so as long as there is some music in their life, it will be a positive experience. Even at 3 1/2, Dorothy has better tempo than drummers I’ve played in bands with before! LOL! I hope I’m not rambling, but for real – you guys will do an awesome job.
    oh, & I’m glad the insurance thing worked out – I felt your pain having been in a similar situation when I was expecting……
    I will be checking here more often – your blogs are too cool. I’m so glad to have found Michelle on myspace & that you guys made the effort to come to D’s birthday. The older you get, the more you realize how scarce truly good people are to find, and you both are ‘truly good people’.
    peace, future daddy-o
    =] mk

  2. One that will probably work real well for Diana and me is the Jack Johnson “Curious George” soundtrack. We both really like Jack Johnson’s sound, and all of the songs on the album are fun and kid-friendly. So everyone wins.

    Otherwise, I’m going to try and make sure Luke gets a good musical “education” when he’s riding in daddy’s car or hanging out with daddy at home. I’ll be sure to play him some of my favorite folk stuff (Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Iron & Wine), some of my favorite indie stuff (Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins), etc. I’ll play some oldies, some classical. I just want to introduce him to a wide variety of sounds and styles, let him experience as much as possible. But I’ll probably hold off on the heavier stuff for a while. No Metallica just yet …

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