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Movies, white noise, and bouncy things

• We took Sebo to see his first movie Sunday night. We debated back and forth for a long time and then finally had the guts to take him into the theater. So his first official movie was Stepbrothers. Which aside from being excessively raunchy and filled with really bad language (things that I normally don’t care about — but for a Will Ferrell movie, it really was a bit extreme … or maybe it’s just because I’m a dad now?) it was hilarious. We hadn’t laughed like that in a long time. Sebo seemed very content and happy in his sling, and when he got a little restless, Michelle let him suck on her finger, which helped and got us through an experience which we thought was a little crazy, taking an almost 8-week old to a movie :) But it worked out well. We also made the decision to see it at the Bellevue 8, which is across the street from our home, which makes it a very short drive. It’s also the theater that time forgot. Nobody really goes there. We knew it was a bad sign when they took down their marquee a few months ago, so now you don’t even know what movies are playing there. Really small rooms and no stadium seating. Yet they have advanced digital projectors, which is apparently the only thing they’ve spent a dime on since limping into the 21st century.

• We have discovered noise. White noise and pink noise (which is like white noise with a little more bass) are both very effective at calming baby and making him sleepy. We went to this site and downloaded some samples, looped them on my iPod, and have been playing them through speakers at night and he has been sleeping for longer periods of time, which has been very, very helpful.

• We have also discovered that our son likes things that run on batteries. Our friends gave us a vibrating bouncy seat with an overhead attachment that plays music, makes water sounds, has real bubbles and spinning stars and fish. We have literally never seen him so happy, content, and interested in anything ever before. We’re fairly certain he likes his new bouncy seat more than he likes us :)

• And in art news, I updated my painting site last week with some new paintings (after a year of neglect) and in the past two days I have been contacted by several people wanting to buy some fairly significant pieces, which makes me happy. One of these people is a VP of a very large, national company, which freaks me out a little. I’m also trying to decide whether to do a large Harding-type show at Lipscomb in February. I had decided not to, since I’m going to do a three-month show at Crema again starting in January (you heard it here first), and didn’t think I’d have time to do anything else at the same time. But even though the deadline has passed, the show coordinators are still specifically asking me to do the show, which is flattering … and it could be a good opp. to sell some art and see if the show is any good. Just don’t know, but I guess I need to decide soon.

• This afternoon is Michelle’s first post-baby O.B. follow-up visit. I’m going with her and we’ll be showing off the baby as well.

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