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March 2, 2008 • 7:00am

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This morning is the first morning I was able to feel the baby move in Michelle’s tummy! I felt him on the outside edge of my right palm. It was in the middle to right side of Michelle’s belly.

An interesting way to describe the placement on my hand where I felt the tap is that yesterday, we had to get a new tire because we got a nail stuck in the outside edge (corner) of one of our tires, making it non-repairable. The puncture wasn’t on the bottom or flat part of the tire, but jammed into the corner.

This morning Michelle described the baby as feeling like the Loch Ness monster was swimming and sliding around under her skin … you remember the very last scene of X-Men 3 when Magneto is playing chess and he tests out his powers one more time, and he is able to move the chess piece just a tiny little “blip” … well, that’s what this reminded me of. Because usually when I put my hands on Michelle’s tummy, (I realize I’m saying the words “tummy” and “belly” a lot — you’ve got to realize I’m about to dive head-first into the world of baby-talk, so this ain’t nothing) the little guy stops moving. And usually Michelle will feel him move or kick, and either my hand wasn’t in that spot, or I couldn’t feel it on the outside. So it’s been kind of a fun frustration. Because I really wanted to feel him kick or move or burp or something :)

And this morning I did! I felt the little guy slide on by, maybe turning around, maybe dancing … You know, it actually felt more like a high-five. Not a “just scored the winning Super Bowl touchdown” high-five, but more of a “Hey pops, just chillin’, I’ll be hangin in my crib if you need me” high-five. And it was a sweet, unmistakable little tap.
He can give me high-fives anytime he wants.

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