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When people ask me who he looks like, it’s the honest truth that he looks like both of us. We’ve compared him to our own baby photos and we can tell he’s definitely ours. He has these wonderful large feet and long fingers. We think he’s going to be tall, which runs on both sides of our family (it skipped past me, though … but I’m the only chump who got stuck with curly hair).

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he looks like both of us. I’m not, really. I tried imagining what he would look like. I looked at other people’s babies and thought, that baby doesn’t look like he’d be our kid. Now that I look at Sebastian, even though I know he will change drastically in the coming weeks and months, he looks exactly the way he’s supposed to look, and I just can’t get over how beautiful he is. He looks so perfect. It’s funny, Michelle says sometimes it’s not that he looks like me, but that I look like him, which I absolutely love.

Today my mom came over and watched him for a couple hours while Michelle and I went on a date to lunch and the grocery store. This one time while we were shopping, I just went up to her and without thinking I held her tight. She’s given me everything that I love the most. And I love looking in my son’s face and seeing her in him. This is what family is, this is why people have kids, this is what it’s all about. It’s been many sleepless nights and every day seems to have it’s own drama and the thought of him depending on me and Michelle for practically everything in his life just blows my mind. But it is absolutely and undoubtedly and unbelievably amazing.

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