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Today I feel better. I talked with my boss and he’s going to let me work a lot more from home. Not that I was being stopped from working from home before, I just hadn’t done it. But there is SO MUCH TO DO in order to get ready for baby. And I am spending all my time either at the office or working on freelance or painting. Occasionally I sleep. I think having the freedom to come and go from the office as I please, and work from home as much as I want is going to help out tremendously.

I’m scared and relieved at the same time. We’re having a freaking baby. In like two months. Less than two months. That’s insane. Our friend Megan, who’s due date was a mere two months earlier than ours is about to pop any second now. How did 9 months seem like so far off in the future, and yet somehow it got to be April? I think someone is jacking with the calendars, because there’s no way Christmas was 3 1/2 months ago.

I’m excited and I want a baby. I’m scared because I don’t know how I’ll be as a dad. I know how I want to be. But can I do it? Will he like me?

Blah Blah Blah. Michelle’s on her way to pick me up from work. I’m hoping I can talk her into taking me to dinner :)

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