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Knocking on wood

Sebastian has been sleeping through the night for the past several nights. He slept through the night once right before we all got sick before Christmas. Then when he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t breathe through his nose, he was not sleeping very well at all. But now that he’s feeling better, he has started sleeping better. Basically, he is falling asleep somewhere between 7:45 and 8:30 every night. Then we give him a “dream feed” bottle of formula at 11pm, which he doesn’t really wake up for (maybe a little, but then he falls right back asleep) and then he sleeps until somewhere between 6-7am. And even better, when he does wake up, he doesn’t wake up screaming his head off as in months past, but instead, he plays by himself in his crib for awhile before we come to get him.

So this is an enormously welcome development. We’ve not had much sleep since several months before he was born … at least not consistently. And our bodies might take a little while to adjust to this new schedule. Now that I am sleeping 6-7 hours in a row finally, it’s not a fully relaxed sleep, I’m sure because my brain figures someone will wake it up at any moment, and none too pleasantly. So I’m waking up feeling like I have a hangover. But I am sure I will adjust, and hope that this is a trend that will stick.

And he is soooooooo ready to start crawling. Yesterday he was with Michelle and her mom and brothers, and her mom at one point busted out the video camera mode of her point-and-shoot because they thought that he was about to crawl and I wasn’t going to be there to see it. But he didn’t. He can crawl backwards a little bit, which might be nice for party tricks, but crawling forward hasn’t happened yet. Part of me can’t wait to see him start being mobile. Another part, possibly a bit larger, is scared as hell by the thought. Because he is going to be EVERYWHERE.

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