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What do you call someone who designs a 64-page magazine in 3 days and a 52-page downtown guidebook in 3 more days, all while holding down a 20-hour-a-week job, attending birth & relaxation classes, occasionally eating and sleeping and trying to get the house ready for baby?

Someone who doesn’t have time to blog, that’s for sure.

But things are moving along well. Michelle is 60% effaced. Which is 10% more than last week. This is a weird thing: now that Michelle is to the point where it’s very obvious she’s pregnant, because the boy has dropped and is riding low in her belly and she looks like she might just pop any time now, she actually doesn’t get as much attention from strangers anymore. Now when she needs it the most, people while she’s out are more oblivious to the fact that it might be nice to hold the door open for a pregnant lady. Not that people are rude, but they seemed to “notice” more when she was “less pregnant.” Which I find very odd.

Michelle’s two brothers are graduating high school on Friday in Spring Hill, which we are super-excited about. We had been nervous about it since we knew it was happening so close to our due date, and we might not have been able to make it, but unless she goes into labor between now and tomorrow, we’ll be there.

And our friend Meredith is getting married in Illinois this Sunday … it sucks that we can’t be there for the wedding, because that’s something I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Except for the whole baby thing happening right now. But that’s why Jesus invented photography. And Michelle did an AMAZING cake top for her that she finished yesterday. Meredith and Josh standing on the Golden Gate Bridge (they live in San Fran).

We decided to NOT get carpet right now … our original idea was to replace the carpet in our bedroom and the nursery a couple months before baby got here, so that the place could air out, but obviously that just didn’t happen, and things are so crazy right now that we decided we don’t need the stress of moving everything out of a couple rooms on top of everything else. We will wait and get it all replaced AFTER the baby gets here. And since we’re wanting to labor at home, it would be less than ideal for Michelle to go into labor while the Lowe’s carpet team was here with all the carpet ripped up.

Monday is Memorial Day. I keep forgetting that.

Going to go the the Frist Museum on Sunday with some friends to catch the Monet to Dali exhibit before it skips town … and we’re also hoping to somehow catch the new Indy flick on the big screen before the baby’s born.

And I’m sitting here at work with a TON to do, and I’m trying to figure out why I am even writing all this. Do you really read blogs to find out what someone else is doing in their lives? I guess sometimes I do. I guess I am just wanting my son to read this one day and know what his mom and dad were doing around the time he was born.

Geeky side note:
American Idol finale was last night. We were suckers and were meeting with our moms and our doula instead of watching it, so we recorded it on DV-R. Well, American Idole finales tend to run long. Last year, our recording cut off before the winner was announced. This year, the two Davids were standing side by side, Ryan opened the enveloped, said something like “The winner is …” and he paused and said “David …” and paused, then opened his mouth to say the last name … and that’s when our recording cut off … i’m not joking, that’s where it would cut off if our life was a sitcom, and it happened in real life. Which is why I hate American Idol. 118 minutes of complete crap for 2 minutes of payoff, and they run long every time. So we had to look online to find out that David Cook (our favorite) won. I’m surprised too. I never liked Archuletta until the last two weeks of the competition. Nice kid, I’m sure, but every song sounds like karo syrup. But I thought he was going to win. Like a couple years ago when Daughtry, who was clearly the best singer they had, only came in fourth, and then went out and sold a million records, i thought Cook would do the same. But then he went and won the thing.

Anyway, I’m off now to a meeting …

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