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In Rainbows

Yesterday I was watching a Radiohead concert on tv while holding Sebastian. When I hit mute, he started crying. When I turned it up, he stopped. I did this several times. In fact, the louder I turned it up, the calmer he got.

My boy’s a Radiohead fan. I couldn’t be more proud.

5 thoughts on “In Rainbows”

  1. That is so awesome!!! I love it. What a cool kiddo.

    Clark went through a phase as an infant where he’d get cranky every evening, so I’d turn on a playlist of high energy music and dance around and sing while holding him. Always worked.

  2. Auntie Miss.Chevious

    YES!!! I can see it now- Sebastian is the front man of his nursery school of rock band!

  3. he he….Dorothy used to do the same thing with the Headbangers Ball!!! Next time we see y’all – you’ll have to get her to show you her ‘metal face’.
    D’s wanting to play drums, so keep her in mind when Sebo gets the band going!

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